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     The Law Office of James W. Elliott specializes in delinquent real estate tax collections for numerous jurisdictions throughout Virginia.   Currently, Mr. Elliott represents the following jurisdictions: 
                          County of Accomack                   City of Colonial Heights         Town of Blackstone
                               County of Alleghany                 City of Covington                   Town of Bloxom
                               County of Charles City              City of Lynchburg                  Town of Cape Charles
                          County of Chesterfield              City of Newport News            Town of Charlotte Court House
                          County of Dinwiddie                 City of Poquoson                    Town of Chase City
                          County of Franklin                    City of Radford                       Town of Chincoteague
                          County of Gloucester                                                                 Town of Clifton Forge
                          County of Lunenburg                                                                 Town of Crewe
                               County of Northampton                                                              Town of Drakes Branch
                          County of Nottoway                                                                   Town of Kenbridge           
                          County of Page                                                                           Town of Onancock
                          County of Sussex                    
                          County of York                                

      You may subscribe to a mailing list for an annual fee of $15.00 to receive advance notice of all delinquent real estate tax sales.  You may choose to receive notices through standard mail or via e-mail.  To obtain your one year subscription, you may forward a check in the amount of $15.00 and a completed form from the "Mailing List" page to P.O. Box 1410, Yorktown, VA 23692. 

November 2017
8th Gloucester County
9th Northampton County
14th City of Lynchburg
15th City of Newport News
October 2017
11th Dinwiddie County
18th Page County
19th Lunenburg County
24th Chesterfield County
25th Nottoway County
September 2017
6th Sussex County
7th Gloucester County
25th Accomack County
August 2017
25th York County
31st City of Lynchburg
May 2017
2nd Accomack County
17th Franklin County
19th York County
April 2017
11th Lunenburg County
12th City of Radford
24th Chesterfield County
25th City of Lynchburg
March 2017
20th City of Lynchburg
21st Dinwiddie County
22nd City of Newport News
November 2016
16th Accomack County
29th City of Radford
October 2016
18th Chesterfield County
September 2016
20th Gloucester County
July 2016
26th Nottoway County
28th City of Covington
June 2016
15th Chesterfield County
16th City of Newport News
28th Alleghany County
May 2016
17th Dinwiddie County
18th Franklin County
24th Accomack County
April 2016
12th York County
13th Lunenburg County
14th Northampton County
19th Dinwiddie County
20th Gloucester County
March 2016
9th Page County
22nd Sussex County
February 2016
16th Chesterfield County
December 2015
2nd Accomack County
November 2015
4th Northampton County
5th Franklin County
October 2015
15th Dinwiddie County
22nd Chesterfield County
September 2015
2nd Gloucester County
3rd Town of Chase City
15th Chesterfield County
22nd Accomack County
August 2015
11th Charles City County
12th Accomack County

July 2015
9th City of Newport News
June 2015
9th Northampton County
10th Chesterfield County
May 2015
13th City of Covington
20th Alleghany County
28th Accomack County
April 2015
1st Sussex County
16th Dinwiddie County
March 2015
2nd York County
3rd City of Covington
11th Lunenburg County
12th Franklin County
February 2015
5th City of Colonial Heights
10th Charlotte County
18th Accomack County
25th Northampton County

December 2014
3rd Page County
4th Accomack County
8th Chesterfield County
November 2014
5th Charles City County
6th Nottoway County
18th Gloucester County
19th Northampton County
20th Franklin County
25th City of Lynchburg
October 2014
1st Accomack County
September 2014
11th Dinwiddie County
August 2014
19th Sussex County
July 2014
22nd Gloucester County
30th City of Lynchburg
June 2014
3rd Nottoway County
5th Franklin County
24th Sussex County
May 2014
20th Charles City County
April 2014
8th City of Lynchburg
10th Town of Chase City
15th City of Colonial Heights
March 2014
13th Dinwiddie County
18th Gloucester County
19th Northampton County
25th Accomack County
27th City of Lynchburg
February 2014
11th Chesterfield County
12th King William County
November 2013
1st York County
6th City of Lynchburg
14th Lunenburg County
25th Nottoway County

October 2013
2nd Page County
23rd Gloucester County
September 2013
5th Dinwiddie County
9th Chesterfield County
24th Northampton County
25th Accomack County
July 2013
11th Town of Chase City
16th Charlotte County
June 2013
3rd King William County
20th Franklin County
21st Gloucester County
25th Accomack County
May 2013
1st Accomack County
7th Northampton County
14th Dinwiddie County
16th Alleghany County
21st York County/City of Poquoson
22nd City of Lynchburg
March 2013
6th Gloucester County
12th Nottoway County
25th Accomack County
28th Lunenburg County
February 2013
12th Accomack County
January 2013
23rd Charles City County
24th Chesterfield County
December 2012
12th Franklin County
November 2012
8th Dinwiddie County
15th Accomack County
20th Gloucester County
27th Page County
October 2012
5th York County
16th Accomack County
17th Nottoway County
September 2012
5th Northampton County
12th Accomack County
July 2012
10th Dinwiddie County
12th Page County
18th City of Lynchburg
26th Prince Edward County 
June 2012
26th Accomack County
28th King William County
May 2012
3rd  Gloucester County
8th City of Colonial Heights
9th Chesterfield County
16th Northampton County
April 2012
11th Nottoway County
12th Lunenburg County
24th Franklin County